Service Areas

Service Areas

Hunt’s with their fleet of refrigerated vehicles ranging from 3.5 tonnes up to 15 tonnes, cover all areas of the South and South West of England. Hunt’s invest in the latest technology to ensure the efficient running of operations to provide a fast, quality service and to exceed customer expectations.

Hunt’s distribution centres are spread across the South and operate 5 days a week. This enables them to reach the deepest parts of Cornwall but are also central to motorways for quick distribution to Brighton, Oxford, Worcester and South Wales.

Sales Team

Hunt’s have a strong team of sales managers who are based throughout the South and are available to help with product queries, menu planning or to discuss any specific needs. Hunt’s also have a team of telesales who are on the end of the phone from 8.30am-4pm for order capture and to assist with general enquiries.

Online ordering

To meet with the busy professional of today, you can place your order via the Hunt’s online platform. The online ordering function is an easy and convenient way to place your order 24hrs a day. Follow the link at the top of the page to visit the online ordering site.